A Great Failover Plan is No Big Deal?

One of our clients of 10 years is a large cargo container shipping company that relies heavily on network connectivity and voice service - without it they are at a standstill.  Every minute their service is down, costs adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars can accrue, and it is imperative that they have full redundancy they can count on.  Richardson Communications and Consulting, Inc. (RCC) recommended that they utilize an Enterprise SIP solution with load balanced call paths between their primary and secondary locations, with automatic failover of both voice and data between the two. During an onsite visit with the client, RCC learned 30 minutes into the meeting that their primary location (were the meeting took place) was down.  When asked why they hadn't shared this information immediately, they informed us that the back up plan designed by RCC had worked perfectly so they hadn't thought to mention it.  In the words of our client, "it's no big deal, the ticket is being worked, the back up plan worked as expected, and we have continued to do business without a hitch."

No big deal?  They forgot to mention it?  Those words, spoken during the midst of a major outage, couldn't be sweeter to our ears.   That is exactly how it should be!

How many of you have the confidence that it will be "business without a hitch" if part of your infrastructure goes down?  RCC works with clients to put failover plans in place that actually work.  We not only design comprehensive solutions that fit your business needs; we also design Peace of Mind!

-Lorana Rush, RCC