Emerging Technology with Jaime Zarate

“Here, there, everywhere” The iconic sentence from the MCI commercials of the late 1990’s that started for me, if not most of us that were young professionals in that era, on our digital journeys.  Millennial’s reading this are now Googling “what is MCI”. We now know that MCI was describing one of the most important technological innovations in the history of mankind, the internet, or as it was called back then, “the world wide web.” However, many technology leaders in the 1990’s said the internet was nothing more than a fad that would soon fade from our memories.  History is riddled with wrong predictions - the same was said about the telephone, car and PC.   Conversely, how many times have we invested in things that became prematurely obsolete or rendered useless by an unforeseen turn technology landscape?

So what will become of the emerging trend of “Ambient Technology”?  Have you even heard of “Ambient Technology”?  More on this new technology and why it may or not be important in future newsletters.

My ambition is to use this blog as a conversation with you our current and future clients to discuss IT emerging technology trends and their anticipated impact on how we live and conduct business.  For it is one of our core values at RCC, that technology’s importance and impact can only be measured by the practicality of its implementation.


Industry veteran and former XO Cloud evangelist and strategist, Jaime Zarate brings more than 20 years of telecommunications, systems integration, IT outsourcing and managed services experience to Richardson Communications and Consulting. His extensive background includes working in a variety of functional areas which make him particularly suited to leading the Cloud Services Consulting Practice.  Jaime brings a unique, broad understanding of aligning a clients strategy with processes, applications, infrastructure and networks, as well as, extensive hands-on experience in the development and deployment of cloud solutions.

Before joining Richardson Communications and Consulting, Jaime had been a strategic planning and cloud services consultant to companies  such as AT&T, Fujitsu, Rockwell, Unisys and XO.