USMD Case Study

 Richardson Communications and Consulting, Inc.: Richardson Communications and Consulting, Inc (RCC) is a boutique IT services consulting firm focused on enabling our clients’ digital transformation. RCC is dedicated to understanding our clients’ business holistically before we even start talking about technology solutions.

We utilize an award-winning, robust research and exploration process to thoroughly understand our customer’s organization, before we dive into their technology needs. Most importantly, our solutions are centered on empowering and transforming customer business.

Customer Background:

USMD Health System currently manages the operations of two hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The USMD missions is to empower physicians to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare through the ownership of healthcare facilities with state-of-the-art operating rooms and technology. Richardson Communications currently works with USMD in the upgrade and implementation of technology in 2 hospitals, 4 cancer treatment centers, and more than 50 primary care and specialty clinics.

Previous Situation:

The USMD business model cultivates growth through acquisition. USMD previously utilized multiple carriers with legacy technology for both voice and network services.  RCC provided an in-depth inventory of their current services and spend, and in doing so, RCC was able to identify gaps, overlap of services, and gain comprehensive picture of their network infrastructure.


RCC was able to optimize USMD’s spend and provide a technology migration foundation, increase bandwidth by 4X, providing both route and CO diversity, tier 1 provider for WAN network, providing a broadband over MPLS , for the back-up network, that powers both the guest/private wifi, and layering NOC services for proactive monitoring and trouble ticket resolution.


  • Projected Savings: $20,000 monthly for Voice Network
  • Projected Savings: $2,600 monthly for network in 2 major Hospitals
  • Invoice count reduction from 70 to 6
  • NOC Services – Free up internal resource for monitoring and ticket resolution