Business Continuity

Helping you create a Culture of Readiness

From hackers to hurricanes, the world is a scary place. If you don’t answer your phone, will a key customer call you back? If your website is down, will your buyer shop somewhere else?

If uptime and availability are truly critical factors to your business success, then business continuity must be a key consideration of your technology strategy. That said, you don’t want to over invest in coverage of non-critical applications just because everyone else is doing it. At Richardson Communications, we apply a consultative approach to risk assessment. We want to understand your true business need for continuity solutions like systems redundancy, power and data recovery, virtual data centers, and more.

From hurricanes on the East coast to earthquakes and wildfires in the West, everyday threats like power outages and human error are reason enough to plan for business continuity. We’re here to help.

Learn how Richardson Communications can keep your critical business communications active even during an emergency. Call 214-377-1743 or email us today!

Our Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Plan: Business is conducted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure your operations are prepared to meet the 24/7 demands of employees and customers.

Data Centers: Your data center is the nerve center of your business. Entrust strategy development, vendor selection, and ongoing management for your data center to Richardson Communications.

Virtual Data Centers: By partnering with the industry’s top cloud vendors, we deliver cost-saving virtual data centers that are as secure and reliable as a physical infrastructure in your own HQ.

Onsite Recovery: Entrust your mission-critical data to onsite recovery systems that meet the strictest of service level agreements – even in highly-regulated industries like healthcare and legal services.

Onsite Power Recovery: Storms, floods, and run-of-the-mill blackouts needn’t shutter your business. Redundant power systems keep the lights on no matter what’s happening outside your walls.

Local Redundancy: Reliability of systems is key. Local redundancy solutions from Richardson Communications ensure that you’re always supported by critical communications and IT functions.

Cloud Redundancy: On the fence about the cloud? Maybe you have concerns about reliability. Cloud redundancy solutions ensure your voice and data functions are always available when you need them.