Cloud & IT Services

Lower costs. Fewer headaches.

Managing your own technology infrastructure used to be a series of unpredictable expenses and unavoidable headaches. The cloud has rendered that model obsolete.

With cloud and IT services from Richardson Communications, you reduce your capital cost structure and eliminate management headaches. And, when you partner with a service-oriented firm like Richardson Communications, you don’t have to sacrifice the features and service levels your stakeholders demand.

Of course, the cloud is about more than IT simplicity. These solutions also improve business agility and continuity, help extend access to mobile workers, and eliminate capital expenditure hits by spreading costs out over the life of a services contract.

Pay only for the services and applications you need, and save on what you don’t like infrastructure complexity, tactical headcount, and hardware and software. Learn more about cloud and IT services by calling 214-377-1743 or emailing us today.

Our Cloud and IT Services

Cloud Backup: Today’s businesses run on data. Protect and quickly restore the data that powers your business with secure backup in the cloud.

Cloud Storage: Offload day-to-day storage maintenance tasks while cutting your hardware costs with cloud storage solutions from Richards Communications.

Desktop as a Service: Reduce hardware costs by pooling storage and processing power in the cloud and issuing lighter PCs to workers or letting them bring their own devices from home.

Hosted Email: You’ve evolved past consumer webmail products. Hosted email arms you with enterprise-ready features and functionality – without the enterprise costs.

Infrastructure as a Service: Extend the effectiveness of your infrastructure while reducing your costs around computing power, storage, and more.

Outsourced Helpdesk: Headcount is one of your most expensive investments. Outsource your helpdesk function to reduce your support costs while continuing to meet your service level agreements.

Server Virtualization: Gain better operational control, reduce your hardware costs, and achieve better scalability by virtualizing your server environment.

Software as a Service (TAM): You don’t have to own all that software. Gain cost-effective, ownership-free access to the communication, collaboration, and productivity apps you need.