Voice Solutions


Even as our communication choices evolve, voice continues to offer a reliable and instantaneous middle-ground between a face-to-face handshake and email, IM, and SMS.

When you partner with Richardson Communications, you gain access to the latest technologies for voice. Our voice solutions experts work with you to design a customized package for your business, whether you’re looking to support simple handset-to-handset calls or to build out a complex, next-generation call center environment.

And we do it all with a consultative, process-driven approach that ensures your technology matches your unique business needs for cost structure, user productivity, geographic flexibility, business continuity, and much more.

With over 15 years in the industry and a reputation to match, Richardson Communications is your knowledgeable and consultative guide to today’s voice solutions. Learn more by calling us at 214-377-1743 or emailing us today.


Cloud Contact Center: Take your call center to the next level. Migrate to the cloud for greater flexibility, smart call routing, call recording and archiving, real-time reporting, and greater redundancy.

Conferencing: Improve meeting efficiency and eliminate the time and expense of business travel with feature-rich audio, video, and web collaboration solutions from Richardson Communications.

Mobility: The world has gone mobile. Is your workforce ready? Support your users’ mobility needs whether they’re on the road or tapping into your home network from their personal devices.

Phone Systems: Hardware still matters. At Richardson Communications, we work with you to assess your business needs and recommend the right handsets from our portfolio of tech vendors.

POTS: Don’t need anything fancy? No problem. Richardson Communications can connect your business to customers fast with Plain Old Telephone Service.

PRI: Your business is more than two guys in a garage. Leverage your size toward cost savings by evolving beyond the one line-per-worker model of voice communications.

SIP Trunking: Optimize and extend the life of your legacy PBX investment by consolidating local and long distance calls and Internet onto a single, responsive line.

Unified Communications as a Service: Streamline your communications by enabling seamless interaction between all your devices – from voicemail to email and mobile to landline.

VoIP: Reduce the costs and complexity of your telecom and data environment by consolidating both functions onto a single connection from Ethernet to broadband.